Video: SunExpress flies the heroes of X-Men



Antalya, Turkey - SunExpress turned one of its Boening 737-800s into a superhero. Last month, the airline adorned the livery of a Boeing 737-800 with the X-Men's superheroes. The motto of the company for this work is "Superheroes like to fly".

The special livery of a SunExpress Boeing 737-800 continues to take attention of the travelers and plane spotters. The livery of the aircraft registered D-ASXJ features the heroes in the latest story (Dark Phoenix) of the X-Men series.

The aircraft made its first flight on May 21st with its new design and the movie made its premiere on June 6.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is the 12th film and grand finale of the X-Men series in which our heroes now face their most formidable enemies.

In this episode, Phoenix, a mysterious, incredible force awakens, which threatens the existence of all humanity.

SunExpress had the opportunity to have a private interview with the two leading actors of the movie on the Media Promotion Day in Berlin on May 20.

Here's what Sophie Turner and Evan Peters told Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines joint venture about the movie.