Sukhoi's Superjet suffers from lack of demand, no new orders in 2020

Moscow, Russia - Russia’s in-house built airliner 90-seat Sukhoi Superjet (SSJ100) has no new orders this year except a long-standing deal with state-run carrier Aeroflot.

Sukhoi's SSJ100 is the first passenger jet built in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The aircraft, which entered service in 2011, has had a troubled history, despite the billions of dollars poured by the Russian government in its development.

State-run aerospace company Rostec, the parent company of Sukhoi Civil Aircraft, had hoped to sell hundreds of SSJ100s. But lack of spare parts, including replacement engines, and servicing problems caused the customers to stay away from the aircraft.

There are only 142 SSJ100 jets are in service today, mostly with the Russian airline operators. Aeroflot is the largest customer of the type. The Russian flag carrier currently has 54 Superjets in its fleet, and will take delivery 17 copies more this year. The airline signed a long-term contract in 2018 to lease 100 Superjets between 2019 and 2026.

But Sukhoi currently has no new orders. The plane depends on government support for new orders from Russian carriers. Airlines out of the Russian federation already left operating the aircraft since it's not commercially sustainable. Irish airline CityJet stopped operating its seven Superjets last year and Mexican Interjet said last year it planned to sell its 22 Superjets.

The SSJ100 is mainly operated in Russia by regional airline operators, corporations and government entities.

The company is working to implement contracts in the interests of aircraft operators and customers, the principal one of which is Russian carrier Aeroflot,

Sukhoi Commercial Aircraft said in a statement.

IrAero, an airline based in Far East Russia has demanded compensation from Sukhoi due to the poor technical performance of its Superjets.

Last year Sukhoi sold 16 SSJ100 jets to customers and delivered just eight planes by year-end. An Aeroflot Superjet crash-landed in 2019 in Moscow and killed 41 people on board.