Sukhoi works on new wing structures for Superjet


Moscow - Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (SCAC) wants Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute of Russia (TsAGI) to design new wing structures for future members Sukhoi Superjet family.

TsAGI has already designed some two alternative wing models for SSJ75, the 75-seat shortened variant of the SSJ100, which is currently under development. The new models have improved wing aspect ratio, higher lifting performance, decreased structural weight and facilitated production process compared with the existing wing structure of the SSJ100.

The first model offers a higher thickness ratio while the second one focuses on the reduced sweep. According to Central Aerodynamic Institute, wind tunnel testing for both models successfully proved the advantages of the new designs.

Structural enhancements proposed by the design institute will lead to an almost 10 percent saving in the aircraft’s fuel consumption, TsAG engineers say.

TsAG launched the research program for the Sukhoi Superjet 75 last month. When the tests are complete, the institute will also offer guidance for reducing the noise levels in the cabin for both SSJ100 and SSJ75.