Sukhoi reveals plans for a 75-seater Superjet


Singapore - Sukhoi is developing a shorter version of its Superjet (SSJ100). The aircraft should be able to transport 75 passengers. Alexander Rubtsov, the head of the Russian aircraft manufacturer sees good opportunities in the US market for the new Sukhoi.

Sukhoi and UAC (United Aircraft Corporation) vacillated between the possibility of enlarging and reducing the size of the current model. The order commitment of a Russian customer for 100 copies of the smaller model was the decisive factor for the shorter version.

The 95-seated current SSJ100 has moderate sale success. Recently, the aircraft made headlines because the Mexican low-cost carrier Interjet grounded four relatively young SSJ100 as spare part donors for the rest of its SSJ100 fleet.

A Sukhoi Superjet with 75 seats could compete with the Embraer E175 regional jet, but with the decision to invest in a new 75-seater, Sukhoi takes a remarkable risk.

Because the trend in the regional jet market is currently in favor of the aircraft with more capacity like Embraer 195-E2, which can accommodate up to 120 passengers or the Bombardier CS300, up to 160 passengers.