Sukhoi delays 75-seat version of the SSJ100 indefinetely

Moscow - Russian aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi has postponed the Superjet 75 (SSJ75) project indefinitely. The SSJ75 was intended to be the 75-seat version of the SSJ100 Superjet

The manufacturer announced that it would focus on the replacement of the western-made components of the current SSJ100 instead.

The management change and the lack of finance for a new aircraft program have forced Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Co (SCAC) to indefinitely postpone the project for a new 75-seat version of the SSJ100, local media reports.

“The Superjet 75 remains on the agenda, but it is not the top priority. The accelerated substitution of foreign components is considered to be a higher priority at this stage, rather than shortening the fuselage,” said the company.

The idea for the creation of a 75-seat version of the current Sukhoi Superjet was directly linked to an order commitment of the Russian operator S7 Airlines. The company signed a letter of intent with Sukhoi for 50, 75-seat version of the plane with options for another 25 copies.

“Our decision on the regional fleet development will be based on official information from Sukhoi,” the airline said.

After this decision of the Russian aircraft manufacturer, S7 Airlines, the project’s largest commercial customer, would opt for a similar regional jet in size on the market such as Bombardier's CRJ 900, Embraer's E175, COMAC's ARJ21 or Mitsubishi's MRJ jet.

The airline already operates 14 Embraer E175.