SpiceJet is in talks with Airbus for 100 A321LR and A321XLR

New Delhi, India - India’s low-cost operator SpiceJet is in talks with Airbus for the purchase of 100 Airbus jets, including A321LR and A321XLR.

The all-Boeing operator SpiceJet is one of the major customers of the Boeing 737 MAX with 206 copies on order (13 already delivered).

Due to the ongoing global 737 MAX grounding and delivery delays, the Indian low-cost operator now considers Airbus A321LR and XLR for its planned expansion.

An order of for 100 aircraft would cost the Indian company around $10 billion based on the current list prices.

SpiceJet owner Ajay Singh told they didn't make a final decision yet.

"We would also consider Boeing 797 if Boeing decides to develop it," Singh said.

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The uncertainty surrounding the Boeing's 737 MAX program forces Boeing to delay its decision on whether to launch a new aircraft program for the Middle of Market (MoM).

The American aircraft manufacturer has assigned all its engineers working on the NMA program to the 737 MAX program to expedite the return of the aircraft into service.