Video: Spectacular de-icing ended up with evacuation of passengers

Debrecen, Hungary - Passengers on a Wizz Air plane were evacuated after the de-icing operation was perceived as fire.

An Airbus A320 aircraft of the Hungarian budget flight specialist Wizz Air was preparing to fly from Debrecen International Airport in Hungary to Paris-Beauvais airport on January 4th.

But the departure of flight W6 7867 was delayed when airport staff noticed smoke on the aircraft, which looked like caused by a fire.

The crew immediately evacuated the passengers via evacuation slides. Firefighters and emergency crews found nothing to extinguish when they arrived.

Wizz Air explained the reason for the panic on its social media accounts later. An airline spokesperson said the Airbus A320 had passed through the defrosting box, and the evaporation of the defrosting liquid, which partially masked the aircraft, created an impression of hot smoke.

The inspection after the incident revealed nothing unusual.