SouthWest finishes the check of CFM56-7B engines it started after the April 17 incident


Dallas - The US low-cost operator SouthWest Airlines has finished the inspection of all CFM56-7B engines of its 737 fleet following the April 17 incident.

Southwest Airlines has inspected the CFM56-7B engines of more than 700 Boeing 737-700s and -800s since April 17. On May 16, the airline announced that no further cracks were found under the surface of the fan blades. Southwest voluntarily carried out the ultrasound examinations required by the FAA.

On April 17, a fan blade of a CFM56-7B on a Southwest Boeing 737-700 had broken and severely damaged both the engine and the aircraft. Debris had crashed into the aircraft, causing a loss of pressure in the cabin. A passenger was hit by rubble on the head and fatally injured.