Southwest eyes Airbus A220 amid Boeing 737 MAX aftermath

Dallas - All-Boeing operator Southwest Airlines has sent its representatives on a tour for consultation with Airbus A220 operators.

The development was first reported by aviation expert and writer Jon Ostrower.

The US low-cost airline, which is operating the world's largest Boeing 737 fleet, surprised the industry with its unexpected interest in another aircraft type.

The Airbus A220 visit might be a way of pushing Boeing over the company's upcoming orders for the 737 MAX series jets.

Thus, Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly expressed his confidence in the Boeing 737 MAX last week and he said they had no plans to replace their order with other jets.

Southwest has so far been the most loyal customer of Boeing with the 754 Boeing 737 in service and 276 on order. The budget carrier is also the biggest MAX operator with 34 Boeing 737 MAX 8 and its operations are severely affected due to recent groundings after two MAX 8 crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia.

Southwest Airlines was the launch customer for the last two generations of the Boeing 737.