Southwest Boeing 737 MAX makes emergency landing shortly after takeoff

Orlando - On March 26, a Southwest Boeing 737 MAX declared an emergency shortly after taking off from Orlando International Airport. The aircraft landed at the departure base safely.

The FAA said the emergency was due to an engine problem and not related to the MCAS system as it was the case for Lion Air and Ethiopian crashes.

The FAA ordered airlines to ground their Boeing 737 MAX jets earlier this month following two fatal crashes of the same type.

Airlines are not allowed to carry out commercial flights under the FAA's directive. The Southwest 737 MAX jet was conducting a ferry flight for Victorville, California, where the airline is currently parking its 737 MAX jets until the flight ban is over for the aircraft.

A Southwest spokesman has also confirmed the plane did not experience any failure with flight control, such as the controversial automated anti-stall system known as MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System).

On March 13, The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration joined dozens of other regulators that grounded the aircraft due to safety concerns following the second crash of the same model in Ethiopia killing 157 people.