Southwest asks compensation from Boeing for its cancelled 737 MAX flights

Dallas, Texas - Southwest Airlines asks compensation from Boeing for its grounded 737 MAX jets. The airline, which canceled all 737 MAX flights by the end of the year, wants the aircraft manufacturer to cover its revenue loss.

On July 25, Southwest announced that its 737 MAX fleet would stay on the ground for the rest of the year. The airline currently has 34 737 MAX in its fleet and a further 276 planes of the same type on order.

The carrier said that it could take them around two months to return the 737 MAX jets to the rotation, even if the aircraft is allowed to fly again.

Many airlines around the world had to ground their 737 MAXs following the deadly crash in Ethiopia on March 10. This was the second fatal crash that the aircraft type was involved in less than half a year.

The first 737 MAX 8 crashed in Indonesia on October 29, 2018. 346 people were killed in both accidents.

The investigations by the authorities revealed that the faulty anti-stall prevention system of the aircraft was the cause of both accidents.

Boeing has been working on a software fix since then. The updated software must be reviewed and approved by the international regulators before the aircraft is allowed to fly again.

Boeing has assigned a budget of $5 billion to compensate its affected customers from ongoing 737 MAX grounding.