Silk Way wants Boeing to continue the 747 program


Baku - The Azerbaijani freight operator is concerned about the future of the 747 program. Silk Way Airlines is calling for Boeing to continue the program.

The Azerbaijani Silk Way Group already owns five Boeing 747-8F with its subsidiary Silk Way West Airlines. Last October, the company announced plans to buy two more 747-8F.

But that's not enough, as Jahangir Asgarov announced on February 7, the president of the state-owned airline Azal Azerbaijan Airlines and, one of the major shareholders of the Silk Way Group, in which also the family of President Ilham Aliyev is involved.

Azerbaijan tries to profile itself as a hub between East and West, so we need more aircraft in the next ten years,
said Asgarov.

Asgarov gave a concrete number, as the news portal Azer News writes. 20 more Boeing 747-8F needed by 2028. That's why he's worried that the American aircraft manufacturer might stop the 747 program. He, therefore, wants Boeing to continue the program.

Kevin McAllister, president, and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, has already been invited to Baku for negotiations. The visit should take place in the coming weeks.

Silk Way Group consists of two cargo airlines, along with many other aviation companies. Silk Way owns five Ilyushin Il-76. Silk Way West owns five Boeing 747-8F and a 747-400F.