SIA says SilkAir will continue to add Boeing 737 MAXs

Singapore - On May 17, Singapore Airlines said the order for 31 Boeing 737 MAX 8 is still intact for its low-cost subsidiary SilkAir.

SIA subsidiary SilkAir already has six Boeing 737 MAX 8 in the fleet but they are currently grounded since March like all other MAX series jets around the world.

Although some Boeing customers scrapped their 737 MAX orders after two deadly crashes of the type in less than half a year, Singapore Airlines CEO Goh Choon Phong said that SilkAir would resume 737 MAX 8 flights after the plane is approved by the civil aviation regulators as safe to fly again.

During the presentation of the company's quarterly figures, the chief executive also said SilkAir would continue to add 737 MAXs to the fleet as initially planned.

Boeing says MCAS fix is ready for review

On May 16, Boeing announced that it completed the software update for the controversial anti-stall system of the aircraft. The system, which is known as MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System), is pointed as the cause of both crashes in the preliminary investigation reports.

The FAA and other regulators are expected to involve in a test flight by the end of this month for the review of the proposed fix.

The recertification process of the Boeing 737 MAX will become increasingly important in the coming days. The longer this situation lasts, the more inconvenient it is for the operators who own 737 MAXs in their fleets.