SAS takes delivery of its 25th Airbus A320neo

Stockholm, Sweeden - The Scandinavian airline SAS has taken delivery of its 25th Airbus A320neo. The Nordic carrier will radically modernize its single-aisle fleet by 2023 with more than eighty Airbus A320neos.

The 25th Airbus A320neo of the airline was registered as SE-ROO and named as Nokve Viking. Traditionally, SAS gives all its planes the name of a Viking.

The Airbus A320neos will replace the Boeing 737 fleet and some older A320s in the SAS' fleet. Airbus A320neo consumes 15% to18% less fuel compared with the older generation single-aisles.

SAS Scandinavian took delivery of its first Airbus A320neo in October 2016. The airline aims to become an all-Airbus operator from 2023.

The company splits up the A320neos between its Swedish and Irish branches.