Saratov Airlines AN-148 crash: A black box was found


Moscow - The flight data recorder (FDR) was found Sunday night, on February 11, after the crash of a Saratov Airlines plane shortly after taking off from Moscow, which resulted in the death of 71 people on board.

In the afternoon of February 10, the crash of Antonov An-148 of the Russian company Sarotov Airlines killed 65 passengers and six crew members who were on board, including two foreigners - a Swiss and an Azerbaijani.

The plane operating flight 6W-703 took off from Moscow-Domodedovo to Orsk before it crashed into a field after a seven minutes flight. The debris scattered for hundreds of meters near the village of Argunovo, southeast of Moscow.

Witnesses told the local media that they saw the aircraft go down in flames. One of the two black boxes was found in good condition the same day in the evening according to the Ministry of Interior. No explanation about the cause of the accident so far by the authorities.

The 83-seater An-148, registered RA-61704, was built in 2010. It was delivered to Rossiya Airlines and was leased to Saratov Airlines in February 2017 after two years of detention for lack of spare parts, according to Russian news agency TASS.

Saratov Airlines has a fleet of 12 aircraft including four An-148 (including the one destroyed yesterday), five Yakovlev Yak-42 and two of the four 195 Embraer ordered. Another An-148 had crashed in 2011 during a training flight.