Video: S7 Boeing 737 smashes runway lights during take-off

Moscow, Russia - A Boeing 737-800 from Russian operator S7 Airlines smashed lights at the Moscow Domodedovo Airport during take-off.

The incident happened on August 5 when an S7 Airlines Boeing 737 was running on the runway with 200 passengers on board. The aircraft slightly dodged disaster as it ran out of runway.


According to the Russian authorities who told local media, the pilots entered an incorrect take-off weight (up to 15 tonnes below the aircraft's actual weight) to calculate their take-off speed and distance needed.

Another Russian Aviation Source claimed the pilots mistakenly entered Zero Fuel Weight instead of Takeoff Weight.

The video taken one of the surveillance cameras of the airport shows how the S7 737 registered VQ-BKV ran out the runway.

After the take-off, an inspection team found smashed glass and broken lights at the end of the runway.

The aircraft was also inspected upon its arrival in Simferopol Airport in Crimea. The engineers found glass shards wedged into the landing gears. Three of tyres were damaged.

No injuries reported. Russian civil aviation authorities are investigating the incident.