S7 Airlines confirms an order for 50, 75-seater Sukhoi Superjet


Moscow - This summer, the Siberian S7 Airlines will finalize an order for 50, 75-seater Sukhoi SSJ100 Superjet of which it would become the launch company.

The Novosibirsk-based carrier signed a letter of intent with the Russian aircraft manufacturer on April 26, 2018. The order should be confirmed this summer, and the deliveries start from 2022 onwards.

The new 75-seater version of the SSJ100 will initially replace sixteen 78-seater Embraer in the fleet. With this order, S7 Airlines wants to grow its regional network.

Appropriate regional jets should provide a very good operating economy to ensure the profitability of the regional airline operators, while the aircraft must be reliable and easy to fly even for novice pilots,
said Anton Eremin, the deputy CEO at S7 Airlines.

On April 27, Another letter of intent was signed for 40, 95-seater SSJ100 between the Russian manufacturer and the Iranian airline operators. 20 planes would go to Aseman Airlines, and the other 20 to Iran Tour between 2020 and 2022.

These two announcements accompanied the presentation of the final design of the new SSJ100-75, which will accommodate 78 to 88 passengers in a single class. The aircraft manufacturer plans an inaugural flight in 2021. The certification campaign to involve three aircraft and 1000 hours of flight.

CEO Alexander Roubtsov said that the SSJ100-75 would have a lot in common with the Irkut's MC-21. With this new version, the weight of the aircraft will be reduced to 10-15%, and the fuel consumption will be reduced by 5%, via an increase in the proportion of composite materials in the production.

The goal of the new design is also to reduce operating costs and after-sales support. Sukhoi targets about 2,000 sales in Russia and 3,000 abroad for its new single-aisle, which will also be less susceptible to the threat of US sanctions for Iran in particular.