Ryanair's first Boeing 737 MAX 200 rolls out the assembly line


Renton - The first Boeing 737 MAX 200 of Ryanair is almost finished, according to images that spotters have taken at the Boeing's Renton factory. The budget carrier is the launch customer of the type.

The 737 MAX 200 is a MAX 8 variant that can accommodate up to 200 seats, 11 seats more than the regular MAX 8. The aircraft offers more revenue potential with a better fuel efficiency per seat than the previous generation single-aisles that are in service today.

Boeing launched the 737 MAX 200 program because of the commitment from Ryanair for 100 copies of the type.

Ryanair's MAX 200 is equipped with for 197 seats with 28 inches pitch (the distance between the seats), compared to 30 inches in the fleet. The use of ultra-thin backrests compensates the loss of space.

Ryanair's 737 MAX 200s will also be configured with the new Boeing Sky Interior, featuring modern sculpted sidewalls, window reveals and larger bins. The LED interior lights offer passengers a sense of spaciousness.

Ryanair says that the MAX 200 will reduce fuel consumption by up to 16% and reduce noise emissions by 40% while offering 4% more seats per flights allowing the airline to lower fares even further while ensuring that the budget carrier remains Europe’s greenest, cleanest and cheapest airline.

As of today, Ryanair has 135 MAX 200 in its order book.