Ryanair redeploys spare parts for the fear of Hard Brexit

Berlin - Europe's largest low-cost carrier Ryanair distributes spare parts from its central warehouse in Stansted-London to other EU locations because of possible hard Brexit.

In the case of hard Brexit, the airline thinks that the import and export procedures of spare parts could interrupt its operations due to customs restrictions between the EU and non-EU countries.

We are concerned that it may take longer to get spare parts to the airports when we need them quickly from the Stansted, said Karsten Muehlenfeld to the German news agency DPA, the head of Ryanair Engineering.

Therefore, the Irish operator has been relocating its spare parts since the beginning of the year at other locations in the EU such as Bergamo, Madrid, Dublin, and Frankfurt.

Ryanair is not the only airline to fear the consequences of the complex processes in civil aviation due to Brexit. European aircraft manufacturer Airbus threatened the British government in January with the closure of its factories in the UK.

Airbus produces almost all of its aircraft wings in the UK, which could be tricky after Brexit. Suppliers have to bring parts to the island, then the finished wings have to leave the country for France, Germany, China, and the USA.