Ryanair negotiates discounted 737 MAX 10 order with Boeing as part of the compensation deal

Dublin, Ireland - Irish low-cost Ryanair wants some 737 MAX 10 aircraft with significant discounts as part of the compensation deal with Boeing.

Ryanair suffers from significant losses due to its undelivered 737 MAX-200 jets. The 737 MAX-200 is a special 737 MAX variant exclusively built by Boeing for the Irish budget operator.

The airline has 210 737 MAX-200s on order waiting to be delivered. CEO Michael O'Leary has recently complained that his company had to delay its growth plans because of the uncertainty surrounding the 737 MAX jets.

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Some airlines already reached an agreement with the US planemaker to recover their revenue losses. Ryanair has been in talks with Boeing for a while for compensation. The budget carrier reportedly suggested to Boeing that new Boeing 737 MAX 10s could be part of a compensation package for the losses of the company.

The MAX 10 can accommodate up to 230 passengers and would mark another shift for Ryanair. The airline currently operates 189-seat Boeing 737-800s. The upcoming 737 MAX-200s will be able to transport up to 200 passengers.

Michael O'Leary already said that he doesn't expect any Boeing 737 MAX before the 2020 winter season. Since it's a new variant of the 737 MAX 8, the MAX-200 requires a separate type certificate which is expected to take another two months after the 737 MAX returns to service.

Before global 737 MAX grounding, Ryanair was expecting to take delivery of 55 737 MAX jets until the 2020 winter season.