Ryanair confirms 25 options for 737 MAX 8


Dublin - The low-cost airline operator Ryanair has ordered 25 additional Boeing 737 MAX 8, bringing the total number of copies expected to 135.

Today, on April 24, The American aircraft manufacturer and Irish flight specialist Ryanair announced the confirmation of existing options for 25 MAX 8, a contract estimated at $3 billion at list price.

The devices were already in Boeing's listings, attributed to an anonymous buyer.

We are pleased to announce the confirmation of 25 options for Boeing's "Gamechanger" airliner, bringing our firm order to 135, 737 MAX 8,
said Neil Sorahan in a statement, Chief Financial Officer of Ryanair.

The 737 MAX 8 has eight more seats than our current 189-seater 737-800NGs and incorporates the latest engines and technology to reduce fuel consumption and noise emission, ensuring we remain the greenest and the best airline in the world.

The first deliveries are expected in the spring of 2019.

In 2014, Ryanair was the launch company of the MAX 8 with an order of 100 aircraft, followed by an additional order of 10 copies at the Paris Air Show 2017.

Ryanair's 197-seater high-density version of the MAX 8 will increase the revenue potential and will reduce fuel consumption by 14% over the current 737NG, says Boeing.

We are delighted that Ryanair is strengthening its commitment to the 737 MAX as it continues to expand its fleet and expand its network,
said Ihssane Mounir, Boeing Vice President of Commercial Sales & Marketing.

This additional order from Ryanair shows once again that the 737 MAX 8 is the perfect aircraft for low-cost airlines, offering our customers more seats to serve their major markets, thus maximizing revenue potential for the best cost per seat of industry.

Headquartered at Dublin Airport, Ryanair is the largest customer of the 737-800 in the world and the largest Boeing operator in Europe. Last month the company received its 500th 737-800.