Ryanair Boss O'Leary thinks the 797 is not efficient enough


Brussel - Unlike other big airlines, Ryanair is not interested in the new mid-market airplane called unofficially 797 that Boeing plans to launch. Europe's first low-cost operator believes that the plane is not efficient enough for its operations.

Ryanair Chief Executive officer Michael O'Leary told at the A4E Aviation Summit in Brussel that the Irish company does not intend to acquire the 797 because the cost per passenger mile is substantially higher than for the 737 MAX.

We only want the most efficient and cheapest aircraft,
said the CEO.

The "all Boeing" operator Ryanair ordered 110 737 MAX 200 (the high-density version of MAX 8) deliverable from 2019.

Officially, Boeing has not yet made a decision about the development of the 797, but the aircraft manufacturer is busy talking to companies about how the aircraft should look exactly like.

The 797 would fill the gap between 737 and 787, and can therefore carry around 230 to 270 passengers. The first copies to be delivered in 2025 if the aircraft is developed.

Mainly United and American Airlines, several companies show interest in the program. Panama's Copa Airlines stated that it could use the 797 on its high-density routes to Los Angeles or Buenos Aires. Qantas also sees the 797 as an ideal candidate for its transcontinental routes where it might replace Airbus A330s.