Russian NordStar to launch freighter operations with Boeing 767-300Fs

Norilsk, Russia - The Russian regional airline operator NordStar Airlines plans to launch freighter operations with the Boeing 767-300Fs.

The carrier aims to add from one to five Boeing 767-300F to launch its cargo business in 2020. NordStar management discussed the possibility of launching a joint project with the other Norilsk-based companies during MAKS 2019.

According to the plan, Russian Logistics company Kratos Group will provide cargo flow and lease from one to five Boeing 767-300F aircraft from the state-owned lessor State Transport Leasing Company (GTLK).

NordStar, in turn, will engage in flight and maintenance operations. When arrived, the Boeing 767-300F will be the first wide-body aircraft in the Russian carrier's fleet.

The aircraft will be operated both on domestic and international routes such as China and the EU countries.

Although the global freight market continues to shrink for eight consecutive months, mainly due to the brutal trade wars between the US and China, Nordstar calls the domestic and global market promising in its press release.

According to a report by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), global air cargo transportation decreased by 4.8% as of June 2019. In Russia, it fell even more (6.1%).

NordStar currently carries cargo in the holds of its passenger planes. The airline's fleet consists of eight medium-range Boeing 737-800, one 737-300 and five ATR 42-500.