Russian aircraft manufacturer to develop a super heavy amphibious plane

Taganrong, Russia - Russian aircraft manufacturer Beriev has announced that it has been working on a futuristic amphibious plane with a maximum takeoff weight of 2500 tonnes.

The Taganrong-based UAC subsidiary was founded in 1934 and produced several planes in the past for both civil and military purposes. Today, the company produces amphibious planes only.

Beriev's newly developed aircraft will be significantly larger and powerful than the massive Beriev Be-200 series and will be able to transport both cargo and passengers using the transport infrastructure of existing maritime ports.

With a wing span of 125.5 meters (411,7 ft) and a length of 115.5 meters (379 ft), the Russian manufacturer's super heavy amphibious aircraft (Be-2500) is expected to have a maximum takeoff weight of 2,500 tonnes and 16,000 km (8,639 nmi) flight range.


On Oct 1st, the Taganrog-based aircraft manufacturer celebrated its 85th birthday. The company was founded in 1934 by Georgy Beriev, a Soviet general and aeronautical engineer.

The company currently produces multipurpose amphibious aircraft such as the Be-200, a large amphibious aircraft designed for firefighting, search and rescue and maritime patrol missions.


In 2016, Beriev began production of the Be200ES, a heavily upgraded version of the Be-200. The manufacturer also had to modernize its production lines to begin the production of the aircraft.