Rumor has it that some of Delta's CS100s may go to Aeromexico


Montreal - Aeromexico would study the possibility of orders between 15 and 60 Bombardier CSeries. The first deliveries may be available as early as 2018 if the war between Boeing and the Canadian aircraft manufacturer prevents the entry into service of the CS100s by Delta Air Lines.

According to the Montreal Gazette, the Mexican national company is also studying the possibility of ordering Embraer E2 family jets but also the future MRJ of Mitsubishi. The new aircraft would be used to replace the E170s and the E190s (57 in total) in service with its regional subsidiary Aeromexico Connect.

According to local sources, Aeromexico's decision on a possible CSeries order will be based on the merits of the aircraft, without the influence of its shareholder Delta Air Lines. The US tax administration threatens the Delta Airlines' order of 75 CS100s from Bombardier with a punitive tax tariff nearly %300.

The American company has already declared that it won't pay punitive tax, preferring to wait for the aircraft assembled in the USA in the Airbus FAL in Mobile, Alabama. It would free delivery slots allowing for quick entry at Aeromexico. It would also be great news for Bombardier, who only recorded buying intentions from Egyptair for 12 CS300, and 31 firm orders with options from European airline operators since the announcement of the takeover of the CSeries program by Airbus.

The local press says that these rumors in no way indicate an upcoming order from Aeromexico, and the number of planes desired by the SkyTeam alliance company remains very vague. Recall that the Mexican airline operates an all-Boeing fleet except for the regional subsidiary Aeromexico Connect.

According to Bloomberg, passenger traffic in Mexico grew by 11% over the first ten months of the year.