Rolls-Royce withdraws from the race for Boeing 797 engines

London - The British engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce withdraws from the race for Boeing's NMA (New Midsize Airplane) project, better known as the Boeing 797.

Rolls-Royce announced that it wouldn't be able to meet the requirements set by Boeing for the Boeing 797 engines, therefore, the British manufacturer won't involve in the project.

The CEO Chris Cholerton said tahat the company wouldn't like to make any promises that it cannot deliver. Especially the time frame in which the new engines have to be developed is not reasonable according to Cholerton.

Rolls-Royce was competing with GE, CFM International, and Pratt & Whitney to supply the engines of the Boeing 797.

Next year, the American aircraft manufacturer will decide whether to launch the program or not. If launched, Boeing will offer two variants of the aircraft from 2025, which are intended to transport 225 - 265 passengers. The Boeing 797 will fill the gap between Boeing 737 and Boeing 787.

With the NMA program, Boeing aims to replace the 757s and 767s in service mostly with U.S. carriers. The current 757s and 767s are close to the end of their lifespans.

Although Rolls-Royce leaves the race for the Boeing 797, it works hard behind the scenes to develop a scalable UltraFan engine to be used on both large and small passenger aircraft.