Rolls-Royce tests its new lean-burn and low emission combustion chamber


Derby - Rolls-Royce has started testing a demonstrator engine with a new lean-burn and low emission combustion chamber. The new combustion chamber technology is intended for future engine programs such as Advance3 and UltraFan.

The so-called ALECSys (Advanced Low Emission Combustion System) demonstrator, based on the Trent 1000 engine, has successfully run for the first time on a test stand at the Derby branch of British engine manufacturer.

The lean-burn system is intended to improve the mixing of fuel and air prior to ignition to enable complete combustion of the fuel and thereby lower emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulates. The development of the lean-burn chamber is financially supported by the European research program Clean Sky.

Rolls-Royce is working on a variety of technologies to be used in a future fan called UltraFan. At the end of 2017, The first test runs of the demonstrator engine Advance3, which has a revised core engine, began. Since September 2016, power transmissions have been tested in Dahlewitz near Berlin.

The UltraFan will consume 25 percent less fuel than the first generation of Trent engines and will be operational by 2025. However, there is still no corresponding aircraft for it. Candidates would be a possible Airbus A380neo, and Boeing NMA (New Mid-market Airplane).