Rolls-Royce confirms delay in the delivery of Trent 7000 engines for A330neo


London - The production of the Airbus A330neos would slow due to problems with Rolls-Royce. On October 26, the British engine manufacturer confirmed that it could not meet the previously promised deliveries to Airbus.

Rolls Royce has delivered only ten Trent 7000 engines to Airbus so far, while thirty were promised. As a result, the European aircraft manufacturer will deliver less A330neo this year than it hoped. The first A330neo will be delivered to the launch company TAP Air Portugal in a few weeks.

Rolls Royce and Airbus are in talks to solve the problem. According to analysts, Rolls-Royce should probably pay compensation for the delayed deliveries.

Engine problems in 2017 had delayed the first flight of the A330-900 by about six months.

Rolls-Royce's planned 30 engines are needed for Airbus to deliver 15 jets of this type to its customers this year. Airbus has to fight anyway to hand over some 800 commercial aircraft to its customers this year as planned.

Deliveries of the Airbus' best selling model A320neo have also been stalled for months due to delays from other engine suppliers Pratt & Whitney and CFM International.

The Trent 7000 engine used in A330neo is technologically based on the Trent-TEN of the Boeing 787-10.

Rolls-Royce is also struggling with the aftermath of a production fault with the Trent 1000 engines that it delivers to Boeing for the Boeing 787s. Airline operators around the world keep some of their Dreamliners grounded for engine inspections.