Qatar Airways simplifies its fleet and drops Boeing 737 MAX from the future fleet plan

Doha, Qatar - Qatar Airways, who already phased out its Airbus A340s, will replace all its older generation Airbus A330s with new generation widebodies.

Al Baker revealed earlier that the ten Airbus A380 will go out of service from 2024. The last Airbus A340 was already retired last month.

Now the Qatari chief executive has announced the departure of the 27 Airbus A330, 32 Airbus A320, and two Airbus A319. Qatar Airways will replace its A330s over the next three years with the Boeing 787s and Airbus A350s. The Airbus A321neo will be the only narrow-body aircraft in the Qatari fleet.

Some of the Airbus A330s will go the subsidiary Ait Italy. A few days ago Air Italy announced that it has dropped its Boeing 787 plans for now in favor of Airbus A330s due to the ongoing delay problems with deliveries of the aircraft.

"Air Italy drops its Boeing 787 plans in favor of Airbus A330"

“From 2024, our fleet will consist of Boeing 777s and 787s and Airbus A350s and A321s. At that time, there will not be any more Airbus A320s and A319s in our fleet,” the group CEO Al-Baker said.

The chief executive also said the company will add around 20 aircraft to its passenger aircraft fleet by year-end. They will be mostly the A350s and A321neos except one or two Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Four Boeing 777 Freighter will also join the operator's cargo fleet by the end of this year.

Despite the airspace constrictions imposed from the neighboring countries, the chief executive said its company is doing very well in terms of load factor.

"People want the efficient airport, efficient airline, and good value for money and good service. All these we provide in Qatar,” said Al Baker.

From 2024 Qatar Airways' fleet will consist of only Boeing 777s and 787s and Airbus A350s and A321s. It is striking that Al Baker did not mention the 737 MAX in this list, although Qatar Airways has 15 of them in its order book with the American aircraft manufacturer.

The CEO said that it was not because of the recent Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashes, but it is quite possible that the order will be canceled. Because of concerns about the safety of the Boeing 787 during the production phase, Qatar Airways does not accept Boeing 787s produced in Boeing's Charleston factory. The 787s of the Qatari carrier are delivered from Renton factory.

Qatar Airways flies to more than160 destinations with a modern fleet of around 240 aircraft.