Qatar Airways shows interest in supersonic passenger aircraft projects


Toulouse - Qatar Airways seems to be interested in new aircraft designs capable of flying at supersonic speed.

Qatar Airways could be the launch operator of a supersonic passenger aircraft if the management is satisfied with the objectives achieved, said company's chief executive officer Akbar Al Baker during the delivery ceremony of the 1st A350-1000 in Toulouse.

Unlike other airplanes, this is an analysis that will be difficult to do by the company, since the efficiency of the aircraft and engineering differences compared to other aircraft in the fleet are important factors, noted the successful business man.

There is no specific supersonic passenger aircraft project that Qatar Airways is interested in for now. The company has no plans either to operate many supersonic aircraft.

To date, the most advanced supersonic aircraft project is Boom, but there are other competitor projects, such as Aerion.


Boom has recently proven that it is possible to make supersonic flights across the continent with low noise and no effect of passing from subsonic speed to the supersonic speed through an optimization of the aerodynamics of the aircraft. It might allow the flights again at supersonic speed over the terrestrial areas, which is currently only possible in the oceans.

The issue is already being studied by NASA for years to enable the supersonic commercial flights on the continents, so it would be possible to make routes such as Paris - Moscow as well as Mumbai - Tokyo and New York - Los Angeles, expanding the range of applications of supersonic travel.

Boom is the only one that received the interest of the airlines so far. Recently Japan Airlines has signed a letter of intent (LOI) for ten aircraft, with an amount to be invested in the project.

Richard Branson is also supporting the project with his company Virgin Galactic, which carries out flight tests into space. In addition to contributing the design phase, Branson has also ordered ten copies.

The Boom supersonic jetliner will reach a maximum speed of Mach 2.2 (2335 km/h), 0.2 times more than the Concorde and 1.4 times more than a conventional next-generation passenger aircraft.