Qatar Airways postpones the retirement of its Boeing 777-300ER fleet due to 777X delivery delay

Doha, Qatar - Qatar Airways has announced that it would push back the retirement of its Boeing 777-300ER fleet due to the delay in the Boeing 777-9 deliveries.

Qatar Airways currently has 48 Boeing 777-300ER in the fleet. The Qatari carrier plans to replace its all 777-300ERS with the Boeing's new generation widebody jet Boeing 777X.

The airline has ten Boeing 777-8 and 50 Boeing 777-9 on order. Due to the recent technical problems in the Boeing 777X program, the delivery of the first aircraft has slipped to 2021.

In June, during the pre-delivery tests, some glitches were detected in the GE9X engines that will power the Boeing's 777X. The GE9X is the biggest engine ever built for a commercial airplane. The problem has forced the manufacturer to delay the first flight of the aircraft.

Boeing was being expected to debut the 777X during the Paris Air Show in June this year.

The second setback emerged two months ago. On Sept. 6, a cargo door blew out during a high-pressure stress test on the ground. It was during the final test that must be passed as part of the plane’s certification by the FAA.