Doha - Qatar Airways flies significantly less than at the beginning of the year. In the summer of this year, a diplomatic crisis broke out in the Gulf and the neighboring countries of Qatar closed their airspaces to the Qatari flights. But apparently, it doesn't stop the Qatari airline operator.

On Thursday, December 7, during the state visit of French President Emmanuel Macron, a purchase agreement for 50 Airbus A321 Neo was signed. In addition, Qatar Airways secured options for the purchase of 30 aircraft in the different types.

However, this is not a new order. Qatar Airways has just converted the order of 50 A320 Neo into A321neo. After all, this means for Airbus - based on the list price - a revenue of $ 930 million.

The engines of the A321 Neo will come from the French-American joint venture CFM International. Qatar had already had bad experiences with the engines of Pratt & Whitney.

Actually, the Gulf airline had become a first-time customer of the Airbus A320 Neo, but due to the engines that did not deliver the desired performance, especially in a hot environment, the airline has not yet picked up a single A320 Neo.