Portuguese fighters to scramble second time for another airplane in emergency in less than 24 hours


Lisbon - Fighters took off from Monte Real air base, Leiria, to give support a Boeing 737 aircraft from the Dutch airline Transavia that declared emergency after taking off from Funchal.

Today, the fighters of the Portuguese Air Force helped an aircraft of the Dutch airline Transavia, which declared emergency after taking off from Funchal airport.

There were 149 passengers on board. The incident occurred less than 24 hours after the F-16 fighters of Portuguese Air Force had been scrambled to help an Embraer E190 from Kazakh flag carrier Air Astana with six crew members on board, which had critical flaws in navigation and flight control systems.

Transavia's Boeing 737 reported cabin pressure issue after departed from Funchal for Amsterdam. The aircraft diverted and safely landed at Faro Airport at 12:51 PM, said a spokesperson from Portuguese Air Force, adding that the flight was escorted by two F1-16 fighters scrambled from Monte Real base in Leiria. The Air Force also alerted its search and rescue teams during the incident.

Transavia's Boeing 737 took off from Faro Airport after checks and arrived in Amsterdam safely.

Yesterday, an Embraer E190 from Air Astana, which declared an emergency during a test flight, had also been escorted by Portuguese Air Force fighters.

The pilots of flight KC1388 first considered making an emergency landing at sea, but it was finally possible to reach the airport of Beja, 150 kilometers southeast of Lisbon.

The pilots made three attempts before landing the aircraft safely. Two F-16 fighter jets accompanied the plane during the emergency landing procedure.

The aircraft was conducting a test flight after a maintenance operation, and therefore, apart from six crew members, there were no passengers on board.