Police arrest a man interfering radio communication between pilot and tower


Buenos Aires - On November 11st, an amateur radio operator switched to the radio frequency of the Buenos Aires Jorge Newbery Airport also known as Aeroparque, and issued a takeoff permit for the Aerolíneas Argentinas flight AR-1694.

The intruder instructed the captain to take off in the direction of Bariloche on runway 13. The vector data was apparently wrong, and it made the pilot doubt.

He finally managed to get in touch with the tower again. The air traffic controller alerted the airport police, who arrested a man near the airport with amateur radio.

Air traffic control stopped all flights at the airport for half an hour.

The suspect, a 60-year-old man, acquired his amateur radio license in 2009 as a private pilot. He now faces imprisonment of up to eight years. His intervention could have led to a tragedy.

After the incident, EANA, Argentine Air Navigation Company, has tightened the security rules. The police keep details of how the man has succeeded in disrupting the radio communication between the pilot and the tower and revise measures to prevent such actions just before the G20 summit that will start at the end of November in Buenos Aires.