Video: First Airbus A380 of ANA makes the first flight with its special livery


Hamburg - All Nippon Airways' first Airbus A380 made the first flight with its new livery in Hamburg, Germany. The event ironically happened on the same day that the manufacturer announced the production termination for the iconic aircraft.

On February 14, the first Airbus A380 of the Japanese carrier All Nippon Airways made the first flight with its very special livery featuring the Hawaiian sea turtle, Honu.

It was quite a bit coincidence, the European manufacturer was declaring the production abort for the aircraft on the same day due to lack of demand. After order cancellations from two major airlines Qantas and Emirates, Airbus decided to cease the production of its superjumbo. The last aircraft will be delivered to Emirates in 2021.

All Nippon Airways has three Airbus A380 in its order book. All three aircraft will be used on flights between Tokyo and Honolulu, a popular destination among the Japanese leisure travelers.

The first superjumbo christened as "Lani" is configured to accommodate 520 passengers in a four-class cabin setup.

Actually, Lani made several test flights before, but this one is the first with its specific livery.

image credit: Henrik S Flickr