Pictures: First landing gear for Boeing 777-9


Boeing unveiled images of the first landing gear of the future 777X, whose inaugural flight is scheduled for next year.

After the folding wing and the fuselage, Boeing now released images of the landing gear of the world's largest twin-engine widebody aircraft.

Manufactured by the Canadian company Héroux-Devtek, this first landing gear will be used for static tests.

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Picture: Boeing 777X receives its foldable wing tip

The inaugural flight of the 777-9 is scheduled for next year before delivered to the launch company Emirates Airlines in 2020.

1st 777X LAnding Gear Text

Emirates has placed an order for 150 copies for Boeing's new widebody jetliner (115, 777-9 and 35, 777-8 ). The aircraft has a capacity of 425 seats in standard tri-class configuration. The 777-9 can fly 7600 nautical miles with the lower operating cost per seat than any commercial aircraft in the world, according to the manufacturer.

As of the end of September 2018, the 777X has accumulated 326 orders in total (273 777-9 and 53 777X). Four prototypes will be used for the certification campaign.

Other customers are Qatar Airways (50 + 10), Etihad Airways (17 + 8), Cathay Pacific (21), Lufthansa (20), ANA (20), Singapore Airlines (20 ). The buyer or buyers of ten copies remain anonymous.