Photo: First A380 of All Nippon Airways to be assembled


Toulouse - The final assembly of the first of three A380 of All Nippon Airways (ANA) started in Toulouse at the end of April. Airbus has published a photo of the ANA's first A380 (MSN262).

The fuselage, the wings, and the tail are finally assembled. Subsequently, the A380 will roll on its own hull to the neighboring hall, where engine assembly and comprehensive equipment work will be done.

After extensive functional tests, the superjumbo will fly to Airbus' Hamburg facilities in Germany, where it will receive the cabin equipment and the special Hawaiian sea turtle livery.

All three ANA-A380 will get this special livery in three different colors: blue, green and red. The A380s will be christened respectively Lani, Kai, and Ka La.

ANA's superjumbos will accommodate 520 passengers, Eight in First Class suites on the upper deck, 56 in business, 73 in Premium and 383 in Economy Class on the main deck.

The cabin layouts also show that ANA installs the new, smaller staircase in the rear to gain more room for kitchens, toilets and several small bar counters where you can pick up drinks during the flight.

In the vast majority of A380 airports, passengers board directly to their respective cabin floors, without having to use stairs again aboard the A380.

The A380s will be delivered to Japanese carrier in March, June and September 2019.