Passenger opens exit door of the Scandinavian A321

Zakynthos, Greece - A woman who refused to place her hand luggage under the seat before take-off suddenly opened one of the exit doors and caused the emergency slide to be triggered.

The incident happened on July 10 while a Scandinavian Airlines Airbus A321 was preparing to take off from Greek island Zakynthos for Copenhagen.

A cabin crew member warned a female passenger to place her hand luggage under her seat before takeoff as it was necessary for safety, but she refused to do it.

Cabin crew members tried to calm down the angry passenger, but she opened the emergency exit door. The flight was canceled and the technicians had to restore the triggered emergency slide before it is ready again to fly.

The flight SK 7290 was a charter flight from Zakynthos to Copenhagen with 161 passengers on board. The passengers had to spend an extra night on the Greek island before boarding the same plane again today for flying home.