Passenger ejects from a Rafale fighter jet on takeoff

Paris - A passenger in the back seat of a Rafale fighter jet ejected shortly after takeoff in Saint-Dizier Air Force base, France. The fighter jet made an emergency landing with the broken canopy.

The 60-year-old man, who actually is not an Air Force member, accidentally ejected himself from the cockpit of a Rafale fighter jet just after takeoff and fell on the runway.

He was immediately hospitalized. His current state is not serious, but his back was injured. "He is now in a stable condition," said Colonel Cyrille Duvivier, spokesman for the French Air Force.

An internal investigation and a judicial probe were also launched to determine the circumstances of the incident, added Colonel Duvivier.

Sometimes, the French Air Force invites Journalists or elected officials to take part in observation flights approved by the Ministry of Defense, for information and communication purposes.

No further detail revealed about the incident. The flight level of the aircraft should be enough to open the parachute of the Mk-F16F seat and fill it with the air.