Panic in mid-air, 14 injured due to strong turbulence on British Airways flight

London, UK - Twelve passengers and two crew members were injured due to severe turbulence on board of a British Airways flight from London to Tampa, Florida.

On May 5, the Boeing 777-200ER of the British national carrier took off from London-Gatwick for Tampa airport in Florida. The aircraft encountered strong turbulence in the north of Bermuda.

Passengers who were interviewed by a local TV channel described the situation in the aircraft as a total panic.

"Several people were thrown to the ceiling and baggages fell on us from the bins," said Brian Knott, a passenger who was sitting with a fastened seat belt during the incident.

"I looked at the ceiling, my wife was up there. It was an unrealistic scene. She fell down and hit the seats in front," he added.

British Airways confirmed the incident, saying that the cabin crew did everything to take care of the affected passengers after the unexpected strong turbulence.

Ambulances were waiting for the aircraft when it arrived in Tampa, Florida, three-and-a-half hours after the incident. Twelve passengers and two cabin crew were taken to the hospital, no serious injuries were reported.

The 777-200ER of the British carrier stayed more than five hours on the ground in Tampa before the takeoff for the return flight.