Norwegian received 150 Boeing aircraft in the last ten years


Oslo - Since 2008, Norwegian has taken delivery of 150 Boeing aircraft, including 32 this year, highlighting the rapid expansion of its fleet.

The 150th Boeing that was received by the Nordic low-cost carrier is a 787-9 Dreamliner, whose livery attributes to the Irish author Jonathan Swift. Registered G-CKNY, the brand new 787-9 landed in Oslo on November 23, where it headed Bangkok two days later.

In 2018, Norwegian will continue the renewal and development of its fleet with 32 787 by the end of next year.

Soon after 787-9, another brand new aircraft, a 737-800 joined the fleet in Oslo. These two aircraft are also the last that the company receives this year. In total, 32 Boeing joined the fleet in 2017, six 737 MAX, seventeen 737-800 and nine 787-9.

Taking into account the recent withdrawals from the service, Norwegian has now 145 Boeing aircraft, including 21 787. The fleet is an average of 3.6 years old and is one of the youngest fleets in the world, says the company.

The 787s of the Nordic carrier are all bi-class (Premium and Economy) and serve the long-haul network of the company. The 737-800s, configured in a single class, are used for flights in Europe. As for the 737 MAX 8s also mono classes, they operate on transatlantic routes from the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Norway to the United States. Norwegian is the European launch company for the 737 MAX 8.

In 2018, Norwegian will continue the renewal and development of its fleet. This should be 32 787 by the end of next year. The company also plans to receive additional 737 MAXs to ensure the 35% growth forecast.

Norwegian's rapid development continues to rock both sides of the Atlantic, its competitors and their unions. But the company says that its global expansion and new routes increase local tourism, create new jobs, boost economic growth and social development in the locations where it serves.

Norwegian Boeing 787-9 G-KNY
Norwegian Boeing 787-9 G-KNY Irish author Jonathan Swift