Montenegro Airlines to retire its last Fokker 100

Podgorica, Montenegro - Montenegro Airlines, which is one of the few Fokker operators in Europe, will say goodbye to its only Fokker 100 jet by the end of next year.

Montenegro Airlines recently had two Fokker 100 jets in its fleet. The carrier already retired one of them at the end of 2018. The last and the only Fokker 100 in the fleet is expected to leave by the end of 2019.

The company is still looking for a buyer for the nearly thirty-year-old aircraft.

Besides Montenegro Airlines, there are currently four European airlines that operate the Dutch aircraft - German charter operator Avanti Air, Romanian charter operator Carpatair, Croatian charter operator Trade Air and Cypriot charter operator Tus Airways.

The Fokker 100 is a medium-sized regional jet developed by the Dutch aircraft manufacturer Fokker. It is the largest aircraft built by the company before it went bankrupt in 1996.

The aircraft made its first flight on November 30, 1986. By 1991, Fokker had produced 70 Fokker 100s and received orders for more than 230 copies.

Fokker 100 Avanti Air

In 1993, a long-range version of the Fokker 100, equipped with additional fuel tanks in the center of the fuselage, was introduced.

However, the introduction of the similar regional jets from the rivals Canadian Bombardier and Brazilian Embraer led to a huge decline in the sales of aircraft.

Fokker also encountered financial difficulties and was acquired by Deutsche Aerospace AG. In 1997, the production of the Fokker 100 was ended. The manufacturer delivered 283 aircraft until the parent Deutsche Aerospace AG terminates the program.

Existing Fokker 100s are continued to be supported and used by operators across the globe.

There are still large numbers in operation, especially in Australia and Iran. Although airlines are currently retiring the aircraft, more than 20 airlines still operate it.

Recently, Swiss regional carrier Helvetic Airways removed its Fokker 100s from the service.