Mitsubishi Aircraft to launch a new development center in Montreal

Montreal, Quebec - The Japanese aircraft manufacturer Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp. is planning to establish a design and development center in Montreal, Canada.

This year in June, the japan conglomerate Mitsubishi Heavy Industries subsidiary Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp. signed a takeover deal with Bombardier for the Canadian manufacturer's CRJ regional jet program.

The intended design and development center in Montreal will help teams in the US and Japan to improve Japan's long-awaited regional jet via the know-how obtained from the CRJ program.

The company plans to hire around 100 engineers and certification specialists within a year for its Montreal branch.

According to a recent deal signed between the Quebec state, the Quebec government grants a fund of $12 million for the Japan manufacturer's new Montreal facility. This fund will be given away if the Japanese company provides high-paid employment for 250 workers in five years.

"What I understand is that they had three scenarios, three business cases -- one in Japan, one in the United States and one in Montreal. And the package, including the expertise available and also the financial incentives, the best proposal was coming from Montreal," said Quebec Premier Fran├žois Legault.

Mitsubishi SpaceJet

Launched in 2008, Japan's regional jet program suffered numerous setbacks. The plane had initially been planned for delivery in 2013.

This year the manufacturer rebranded its MRJ Jet program as SpaceJet. The aircraft is expected to enter into service next year with the launch customer All Nippon Airways.