Mitsubishi Aircraft releases three new videos of its next generation of regional jet


Tokyo - Today, on July 26, Mitsubishi Aircraft released three videos of its new regional jet which suffered from a series of program delays in the past.

Last week on Tuesday, Mitsubishi Aircraft was forced to cancel a demo flight of its new regional jet MRJ at Farnborough Air Show after the plane was hit by a truck.

It seems the collision did not interrupt the marketing efforts of the company. But there is a big question mark if it will do anything to help the Mitsubishi's Regional Jet pulling orders at a time when aerospace giants Airbus and Boeing are spreading their governance to the smaller end of the market via Bombardier and Embraer.

The 90-seater MRJ is Japan’s great hope for reviving the dormant commercial aviation industry of the country. Although the program was launched a decade ago, the aircraft is now expected to enter service in 2020, a seven years delay compared to the initial target of 2013.

As a consequence, the MRJ missed a potentially very good opportunity to be the first of the latest generation of fuel-efficient regional jets.