Mexican government sells its presidential Boeing 787 aircraft


Mexico City - The Mexican government will soon sell a Boeing 787 aircraft assigned to the president. A well-known businessman has already expressed interest in taking over the Dreamliner, according to Mexican media.

The new left-wing populist president López Obrador thinks that having such a large and luxurious government plane is a waste of money and therefore wants to get rid of it. The Dreamliner has been ordered by one of López's predecessors and delivered to the Mexican government in 2016.

The 787-8 features a tailor-made VIP cabin including a meeting room and presidential suite with a king-size bed. Previously, the Mexican government aircraft was an old Boeing 757, so the arrival of the Dreamliner meant a considerable upgrade.

López Obrador won the Mexican elections in July 2017 and is officially appointed as president in December same year. He said that he no longer wanted to have an aircraft assigned to the president and would travel with commercial flights.

The Mexican businessman Gustavo Jimenez Pons has already made an offer for the 787. Pons is ready to pay 100 million dollars for the presidential Dreamliner and then rent it out as a luxury charter.