MEA to receive four more Airbus A321neo


Beirut - Lebanese national carrier Middle East Airlines (MEA) expects now fifteen Airbus A321neo, five more than its initial order.

The latest Airbus listings reveal that Lebanese airline operator Middle East Airlines (MEA) is now expecting 15 Airbus A321neo, whose deliveries are scheduled to begin this year.

Middle East Airlines ordered five Airbus A320neo and five Airbus A321neo jet in January 2013 before converting the five A320neo to the A321neo as well.

In 2017, MEA ordered another A321neo, bringing its firm commitment to 11 single-aisle jets in total.

The A321neos of the Beirut-based carrier will be configured to accommodate 28 passengers in Business class and 132 in Economy - 160 seats in total against 126 in its current A320s.

Deliveries had been initially announced for 2015, before being postponed by the middle eastern carrier to 2019 and 2021.

The company has also two A330-900 with two options in its order book with Airbus expected to join the airline's fleet by 2021.

Middle East Airlines currently serves 32 destinations in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.