Lufthansa's CRJ900 to turn Munich because of smell in the cockpit


Munich - A Bombardier CRJ900 from Lufthansa subsidiary Cityline broke off its flight to Zagreb and returned to Munich because of an indefinable smell on board.

On Friday, January 5, Flight LH1714 started with a slight delay. Lufthansa Cityline's Bombardier CRJ900 took off from Munich Airport and headed for its destination in Zagreb. But the aircraft didn't get far. After a few minutes from the takeoff, the crew perceived an indefinable smell, so the crew decided to turn back to Munich.

The pilots have declared the emergency to be able to land preferentially in Munich. The Cityline's CRJ900 landed at runway 26L of Munich Airport. For a quick disembarkation, the crew dropped the passengers on the apron. Passengers left the plane and took buses to the "Terminal A" for another flight, which took them to Zagreb about three hours later.