Lufthansa Technik to set up a data platform for entire aviation industry

Frankfurt - Lufthansa Technik sets up an independent data platform named "AVIATION DataHub" to digitize the MRO operations and integrate flight and ground-handling operations.

Lufthansa Technik has established an independent platform for all data generated by the entire aviation industry. AVIATION DataHub will act as an independent business. With this new platform, Lufthansa Technik aims to integrate flight and ground-handling operations and digitize the maintenance, repair and overhaul operations worldwide.

The new data hub will allow airlines, manufacturers and the MRO business to collect and process data for technical operations, flight operations and ground operations. The platform will be open to all market players.

AVIATION DataHub is designed, particularly, for airlines, aircraft manufacturers, aircraft components and systems manufacturers, MRO companies, data providers and digital product providers such as the AVIATAR of Lufthansa Technik.

The system will enable Airline operators to choose with whom they want to share their data regarding the technical support of aircraft or the improvement of ground-handling and flight operations.

"The establishment of the hub is a very important step, especially in guaranteeing airlines' control of the data of their fleets and the use of this information. Our aim is to ensure the independence of airlines and to maintain competition. After all, competition will make the aviation industry more dependable, efficient and environmentally conscious. Control, choice, and competition for all market players - this is the guiding principle of AVIATION DataHub," said Dr. Johannes Bussmann, the Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa Technik.

Lufthansa Technik currently holds a 100 percent stake in the new company, but it plans to add other shareholders and partners from the aviation industry over the next few months.