Lufthansa scraps 15 Airbus A320-200 to use as spare parts

Frankfurt, Germany - Lufthansa Technik AG has signed an agreement with the Belgian aircraft recycling and dismantling company Aerocircular for disassembly of fifteen Airbus A320-200 aircraft.

Some of the planes are the old A320-200s that were previously operated by the German flag carrier while the others come from other operators, which were ordered by Lufthansa to be used as spare parts.

Aerocircular already dismantled one of Lufthansa's A340s at Frankfurt International airport.

The first Airbus A320 with registration D-AIPW arrived at the Aerocircular's facility at Ostend airport in early July. The second A320 is expected to arrive in Ostend at the end of October 2019.

Some of the planes will be dismantled at various airports in Germany, where they were stored.

Aerocircular is a green recycling and dismantling company that reuses all materials taken from the aircraft in a more sustainable and ecological way possible compared with the traditional scrapping methods used by other companies.