Pictures: Lufthansa releases images of the new business class for its upcoming Boeing 777X


Frankfurt - Business Class configuration of Luthansa for its upcoming 777X, which will enter into service in 2020, will offer passengers a new level of comfort.

Lufthansa, the launch customer of the Boeing 777-9, has already revealed a new Business Class cabin concept for the new widebody jetliner.

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The Business Class passengers of the German flag carrier will enjoy the flatbed seats with a length up to 220cm (86.6 inches), allowing those who lie on their side when sleeping making it possible for the shoulder to sink.

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The Business Class of Lufthansa's 777-9 will be configured with a cabin layout of 1-2-1 and 1-1-1 giving direct access to the aisles for all customers - no more stepping over the seats in sleeping position or having it scale across you if you're not next to the corridor.

Passengers will also be able to control the in-flight entertainment system from their tablets and mobile phones and will be able to charge them on the consoles next to each seat including an inbuilt Qi-standard wireless charging pad working with the latest smartphones from Apple, Samsung, and others.

A removable tablet installed into the wall of each seat will give control over everything from the in-flight entertainment and seating position to lighting and ventilation.

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Passengers can also choose traveling on greater desk space or a longer bed by opting out their suits.

The passengers seated side by side are angled away from one another. But a privacy screen between the seats can be lowered tête-à-tête for companions traveling together.

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The cabin windows are 20 percent larger and relocated higher to provide a visually much better sense of space for all classes.

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The 777X also features the lower cabin pressurization and high humidity of the 787.

The new business class configuration of the German airline operator won't be installed on Lufthansa's existing jets. They will be exclusive to the Boeing 777X family.

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Boeing's 777X will possess a fourth-generation composite wing and an all-new engine from General Electric, GE9X. The wing and engine combination will make it 20 percent more fuel-efficient per seat than the current 777.

The 777-9 will be able to accommodate more than 400 passengers, depending on the cabin configuration choices of the airline operators.

With a range of more than 8200 nautical miles (15,185 km), Boeing's game changer widebody will have the lowest operating cost per seat of any widebody jetliner in service, the U.S. aircraft manufacturer says.

The foldable wing tips of the 777X on the ground will enable the aircraft to reduce its wingspan from 72m (236ft) to 65m (213.2 ft) and allow it to park current airport gates without any hassle.

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The first test flight will be carried out next year and the first device will enter service in 2020. Boeing has so far received a total of 273 orders for the 777X from around the world. Emirates Airlines is the biggest customer with an order of150 copies.